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NEW PSVR Games Just Keep Coming (GIVEAWAY)

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The NEW PSVR games just keep coming, and I'm here with my arms outstretched. I eat, sleep, and breathe PlayStation VR, and I hope you'll join me! GIVEAWAY: Wanna help? ETH: 0x0908d9B9F13b5C178dA6a78423d6e3BEDBfeDdE6 Enjoy the video, subscribe for more: Check out my WEBSITE: Looking for the best PSVR gear? Check out my shop: Want even more links to click? 2nd Channel: Patreon: Discord: Twitter: Facebook: Twitch: PSVR frank is creating VR content on YouTube specifically geared toward the PlayStation VR user. This VR Channel is your one stop shop for PSVR...
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