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#LionelNation???????? Immersive Live Stream: Huber Needs to Be Unleashed and Unhinged Anent HRC

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"Leaders need to be optimists. Their vision is beyond the present." — Rudy Giuliani #LionelNation???????? Respect others in the Live Chat Room. Respect us and we will return the favor. No hate. No vileness. Just brave and entertaining thought. The truth can be expressed with respect and decorum. We adhere to that adamantly. LIONEL appears at @CuttingRoomNYC on 19 January 2019 CE for the inaugural performance of THE 2019 CONSPIRATORIUM TOUR. Mind-blowing truth warrioring with the immaculate twang of bluegrass thrown in for good measure. Operators are standing by. The Official Lionel Nation Store: Sign up for Lionel's...
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