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Happy Pi Day Live with Merlin Defango 3/14/2019

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It's Pi day, let's get ready for the Defango TV show! Become of MEMBER of the D-CREW Donations link: JOIN THE DEFANGO CREW! We are a amazing group of happy smart people looking to get past the LARPS and Fakes on youtube! Join the Last Real guy on youtube and Help me get to the top! It's me and YOU! Discord Link - supspace Need Hosting? Paypal Support VIA PATREON LTC - MRoQpUx1fZxXMBRLa9uZfuzeUKY8YsY9nL BTC - 325BQU2qBxuxBvWnUPHonzNzpRFTaYdf3s ETH - 0xfD651b1FCD273cE68F8BD87FEB896f92F44595D5 My Setup: Pixel 2 - S9+ i7 8700 + 32gb Ram + 1070ti 8gig...
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