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Red Axes - Hanoi (Feat. Co Doi Thuong Ngan & Viet Rice Band) [K7386EP]

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Support the label and artist, buy it here: Artist: Red Axes Label: !K7 Records Genre: Electronic Release date: 24 May 2019 Tracklist: Ho Chi Min (Feat. Beo Dat May Troi & Hcmc Students) Hanoi (Feat. Co Doi Thuong Ngan & Viet Rice Band) Phu Quok (Feat. Minh Duong) Hue (Feat. Music Acadamy Students) A year after Red Axes’s musical adventures took them through the sounds and scenes of Africa, they return with a second EP in the Trips series that finds them exploring the rich rhythms of Vietnam. This project is a multi media venture combining music, film and...
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