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Add Grimdark Dystopian Cabling to Wargaming Terrain Quickly & Easily

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Today I am showing you how to craft cabling from plastic conduit cabling cases and electric bass guitar strings to produce some stunning but easily achieved grimdark dystopian terrain. These work great for games such as Necromunda or Kill Team that existing within the Warhammer 40,000 setting. The effects that I achieve with these materials are: 03:09 Under-walkway trunking 04:12 Under-walkway hanging cables (can be used as an alternative to ladders for traversing levels) 05:00 Over-walkway exhaust pipes 05:41 Upon-walkway extruding cables 07:04 Top of platform waste chutes 07:28 Ground-level conduits Grab your grimdark dystopian terrain making materials from my...
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