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Battlefield V - Mercury Rising Short Film Teaser

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????️ Follow the story of two British pilots (Mason and Arthur) who are brothers as they take to the skies over Mercury, Greece in one of the largest air battles in the history of Greece. An all-out war is coming and for the first time, you can experience the entire story this Winter in 8K resolution. Enjoy the trailer. ???? Want the ultimate immersive experience? Consider using headphones. ???? ????️????????Mercury Rising Voice Artist/In-Game Actor Cast????????????️ - Follow them on Twitter today! ▶️ @Shauntillery ▶️ @Kabuki_Q ▶️ @r0adkill78 ▶️ @IICookieGII ▶️ @Rossi0991 ▶️ @bradkiid977 In ending, if you like what you...
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