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Beat Saber || Through The Fire And Flames by DragonForce (Expert) || Mixed Reality

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Become a Patron & request songs: Otter Swag available at Follow me on Twitch: Join my Discord Server: Map by: Freeek Song: Through The Fire And Flames by Dragonforce Difficulty: Expert My Gear: *VR Headset* : HTC Vive *HTC Vive Deluxe Audio Strap* *Camera* : Logitech HD Pro C920 1080p *Lighting* : Julius Studio 20x28 Soft Box *Green Screen* : LimoStudio 9x13 *Vive Controller Covers* : Hyperkin Gelshell *Mic* : Fifine USB Condensor Mic *CPU* : Intel Core i9-9900k *GPU* : EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 *Motherboard*...
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