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If the Emperor had a Text-to-Speech Device Special 6: Tabletop Adventures

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Base Script/Story by Alfabusa Script Writers: Voy, Alfabusa, Fresh, Earndil Video Editor: Alfabusa, VindicareAssassin Script Editors: Failsnake, ComradeCrimson, Kochiha Ichihara, Verry Art by: RudeRubicante SleepyDraw Eliphus Garrot Adeptus Adamaris Gods-and-Kings Soundtrack by: StringStorm Officio Audiorum: ___ Zegram as Magnus the Red Fresh as The Master of the Administratum/Bulgo Potatoskin, Magnar Buckethead and the Ogre Warden SuperAnchors as Rogal Dorn/Nrod Lagorsson Earndil as the Grand Provost Marshal/Brukham Nougat Oculus Imperia as the Chronicler/Urban Hagflayer Haven Kendrick as Karstodes/rolf Kochiha Ichihara as Mancclesiarch Decius/Benny McBackstab
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