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Freeza Ke Gunde V/S VEGETA (Badass) [DBZ : Kakarot- Part 9]

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Vageta takes freeza's tatuu's head on. Vegeta ko badass aise hi thodi na bolta hun mai :D #Vegeta #Freeza #Kakarot #DBZgame #Fighting Download My Game From Playstore- Wanna Become an actual member of the Beast Army? Join Now- You know, i upload EVERY SINGLE DAY......You must have missed something.....right?? Check out this link- ???? SOCIAL- ????TWITTER - ???? INSTAGRAM - ???? FACEBOOK - Amazon Affiliate Links- ???? PC SPECS (Rs.72000) -Processor- -Ram- -Graphic card- -Motherboard- -Normal Monitor - SamSung S19D300 -Gaming Monitor(1080p) - -(Old) Mic- - (NEW...
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