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Premature Evaluation: Flying Lotus 'Flamagra'

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Premature Evaluation: Flying Lotus 'Flamagra'
In 2012, Steven Ellison, bka Flying Lotus, properly introduced his rapping alter ego Captain Murphy on a mixtape called Duality. If he were to continue that theme and reintroduce himself as the many-headed beast he's become on Flamagra, then a more fitting title for the album would be Multiplicity. It's been five years since FlyLo released his Grammy-nominated opus You're Dead! and to say the producer/rapper/director/composer/label head/festival set slayer has been busy during his main project's hiatus is an understatement bordering on criminal. Since 2014, FlyLo has been the house DJ on Hannibal Burress' short-lived late-night show Why? With Hannibal...
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