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90's Commercials Vol. 324

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These commercials aired on Kids WB in June of 1996. Happy Fourth of July! 1. "Animaniacs" Commercial Bumper 2. TV Spot for "The Hunchback Of Notre Dame" 3. McDonald's (With Babe Stuffed Animal Happy Meal toys) 4. Promo for "Animaniacs" 5. "Animaniacs" Commercial Bumpers 6. Corn Pops 7. Olympic Gymnast Barbie 8. Apple Jacks (With disposable camera offer so you can make your own Apple Jacks photos with your friends) 9. Promo for "Sister Sister" and "Kirk" 10. Waffle Crisp Cereal (I totally forgot about these ads with the grannies working in the factory) 11. Kool-Aid Island Twist Giveaway 12....
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