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FOV COMPARISON - HP Reverb G2 vs. Rift S vs. Index vs. Quest vs. Odyssey+ vs. G1 vs. Artisan/8KX

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Finally! The big MRTV FOV Comparison! How does the FOV of the HP Reverb G2 compare against all the other VR headsets on the market? Is it a step up from Rift S and Quest? How about Valve Index, Reverb G1 or Odyssey+? I am simply measuring them all so that you finally get to know the ACTUAL FOVs! And we even come across some surprises here! PREORDER: US/World: Europe: - 681€ via Bestware Best Price In Europe: Amazon Spain - 599€ - Germany: - 681€ via Bestware This video is NOT sponsored. Some product links...
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