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Phantom Tower Gameplay Android Open world UNREAL ENGINE 4 2020

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????LET'S GO FOR THE 200 EPIC LIKES???? ???????? JOIN MY DISCORD HOT NEWS MOBILE : FACEBOOK PAGE MOBILE GAMING: TWITTER : ????Thank me with a like???? ???? DOWLOADS ???? ANDROID PRE REGISTRE ▶ ???? DOWLOADS ???? IOS PRE REGISTRE ▶ TESTING ONE PLUS 5T 120 GB +8GB RAM ANDROID VERSION : 8.1 OREO Mode ONLINE HOW I RECORD MY GAMEPLAY: MOBIZEN ????INFORMATION GAME???? Name:Phantom Tower Genre: Action/ /OPEN WORLD /RPG Plataform: Android/IOS Game OnlineE: YES Game offline :no STORAGE: ????SOCIAL NETWORK & AUTRES???? 2nd channel: TWITTER: Facebook: SUBSCRIBE PLEASE : Liker et partager Surtout si tu a aime...
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